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Aghanur Vitoria Eduardi

Italian‑Language Poet



Her prominent ancestors moved from New Julfa, Iran, to Paris, and then to Italy, where Vittoria was born in Padua. She, along with her four sisters, grew up in the “Casa degli Armeni” (House of the Armenians) and received an Italian education. She married the Italian count and member of Parliament Guido Pompili. Vitoria was very fond of Italian poetry, and wrote her poems in Italian. Her first poem was published in 1875, and the first poem to appear in the Armenian‑language, “Lrutyun” (“Silence”), was translated by Arsen Ghazikyan in 1896.

Vitoria’s first collection, titled Eternal Conversation (Lejenta Eterna), was published in 1900 in Italian, and its Armenian translation by Arsen Ghazikyan was published in 1905. The second collection, New Lyrics (Nor Lirikan), was published in 1908, with its Armenian translation titled Nor Erger published in 1910. The poet herself actively participated in the process of translating her poems.

The main subject of Aghanur’s poetry is love in its colorful, gentle, and diverse representations. She was also highly concerned with the fate of the Armenians, reflecting on the poor living conditions of her compatriots and their nomadic existence (“Hayots Zatik,” “Heravor Eghbayrneris”). Italian writer Carlo Calcatera published Aghanur’s letters under the title The Story Lived by Aghanur, several sections of which were translated into Armenian by Kh. Gabikyan.

After 1890 Aghanur lived in Venice, where she passed away. After the death of his wife, Count Pompeli “couldn’t live any longer” and committed suicide.

Prepared by the Central State Archives, Republic of Armenia


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