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AIWA Puts Pressure on the United Nations

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The Armenian International Women’s Association connects, inspires and empowers Armenian women throughout the world to bring about positive change in their lives and in their communities. We are a membership organization that provides online and offline opportunities for women to access each other and the resources needed to support their growth. Our stories, our passions, and our meet-ups inform our goals and activities. Together, we will build awareness and drive development and change.

The Values that Move Us


We accept that there are risks in everything we do. With those risks come reward and failure, and both are important to us.


We are determined to make a difference. We consider our interests relevant and important, and we choose not to ignore them.


We see all things as both heart and mind. We cherish our emotional connection to others and believe in things greater than ourselves.

What We Do

Through events and online exchanges, AIWA brings women together in their local communities and across borders.

Goals are created from the excitement that is infused through our stories, our meet ups, our conferences and more.

AIWA build awareness and involvement through numerous channels, online and offline.

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