The only international organization dedicated to the advancement of Armenian women regardless of their political, religious or educational affiliation.
“We are a global community of Armenian women who are strong and thriving, sharing our collective wisdom to uplift each other. Diverse and united, we carry the resilient spirit of our past to make a positive impact today and in the future.”


In 1990, three dynamic women from Boston, Massachusetts, from diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences, shared a common belief: the need for a new Armenian organization made up of women, governed by women, and focused on the interests and needs of women. It was against this background that in 1991, Eva Medzorian, Barbara Merguerian and Olga Proudian came together to formally organize the Armenian International Women’s Association (“AIWA”), a nonprofit organization with members worldwide. Without alignment to any political or religious group, since its inception, AIWA has been successful in bringing together creative women of various generations, diverse in interests and academic backgrounds, to fulfill its mission.

Our Vision and Values

After 27 years remaining the only independent Armenian international organization to be served by and for women, the Armenian International Women’s Association made the decision in 2017 to re-evaluate its strategy and positioning for supporting the personal and professional advancement of Armenian women around the world. The question wasn’t just how best to serve but how best to serve as many as possible. If AIWA wanted to better serve its mission it needed to consider its relevance and its impact; the growth and sustainability of the organization depends upon knowing the difference it is making for the future of all women. The discovery process began with several fundamental questions: How have needs changed for women and girls since 1991? How has technology changed the way we connect and interact as women? How has the composition of our communities changed and what does it tell us about women’s needs? In a post-revolution Armenia, what are the opportunities for strengthening the relationship between women of Armenia and of the Diaspora?

The road map for the organization continues to unfold and includes several phases from visioning and discovery to strategy and execution. While AIWA has inevitably been thrust into a “start-up phase” in its growth, the Mission and Goals established when the organization was founded in 1991 remain significant and fundamental to its future.

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    To connect and elevate Armenian women globally.

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    Engage communities
    Enable connections
    Enhance well-being
    Elevate leaders
    Empower learning

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    Values that guide our actions:

Our Strategy

As AIWA moves from discovery to planning, it has developed 5 initial strategic focus areas to drive its programming for the next two years. Each of these areas will establish goals and be structured to continuously adapt to changing needs in various communities, in Armenia and the Diaspora.
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    Supporting a woman’s empowerment to be aware and in control of her mental and physical well-being

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    Increasing Armenian women’s participation in civil society and supporting their success in government and community leadership

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    Providing Armenian women with greater access to advisors, mentorship and financial resources to help fuel their entrepreneurial aspirations and individual leadership

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    Ensuring women have the tools and skills necessary to increase their capacity and create opportunities for their advancement

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    Ensuring that Armenian women are accurately portrayed as well as recognized for their contributions in academia and science

Leadership & Governance

Board of Directors


Ani L. Kharajian
Board President

Senior Portfolio Director, Harvard Business School
Boston, MA

Carolyn Atinizian
Board Vice President/Treasurer

Attorney, Vast Capital
Boston, MA

Silva Katchiguian
Board Secretary and Affiliate Liaison

Los Angeles, CA

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Barbara Merguerian
AIWA Clerk/Head of Archives

Boston, MA

Christine Soussa
Global Client Director, Equinix
San Francisco, CA
Diane Cabraloff

Pasadena, CA

Lysa Grigorian

John and Hasmik Mgrdichian Foundation Board Member
Manhattan Beach, CA

Arsine Bedrossian Phillips

Attorney, Parker Milliken
Los Angeles, CA

Milka Bedikian

Commercial Leader at Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
Boston, MA

Zara Ingilizian

Head of Future Consumption, World Economic Forum
New York, NY

Alice Petrossian

Independent Education Management Professional
Los Angeles, CA

Zela Astarjian

Institutional Sales – Managing Director, Investor Relations
Walpole, MA