The only international organization dedicated to the advancement of Armenian women regardless of their political, religious or educational affiliation.

In 1990, three dynamic women from Boston, Massachusetts, from diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences, shared a common belief: the need for a new Armenian organization made up of women, governed by women, and focused on the interests and needs of women. It was against this background that in 1991, Eva Medzorian, Barbara Merguerian and Olga Proudian came together to formally organize the Armenian International Women’s Association (“AIWA”), a nonprofit organization with members worldwide. Without alignment to any political or religious group, since its inception, AIWA has been successful in bringing together creative women of various generations, diverse in interests and academic backgrounds, to fulfill its mission.

We connect

Through events and online exchanges, AIWA brings women together in their local communities and across borders.

We inspire

Goals are created from the excitement that is infused through our stories, our meet ups, our conferences and more.

We engage

AIWA builds awareness and involvement through numerous channels, online and offline.

Our Vision and Values

After 30+ years, AIWA proudly stands as the only independent Armenian international organization run by and for women. Over the years, the Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA) has evolved to stay relevant, particularly given the evolving role and aspirations of Armenian women worldwide.

To supercharge its mission, AIWA leaders often consider two important things: How much impact are we making? How do we continue to stay extra relevant? The continued legacy and lasting impression of the organization depend on understanding the difference we are making in shaping the future of women.

We regularly explore several fundamental questions including: How are the needs of women and girls changing, particularly in these dynamic times? How is technology changing the way we connect and interact as women? Given the composition of our communities, how can we better reach, support and uplift women? What are the opportunities for strengthening the relationship between women of Armenia and of the Diaspora?

The critical role of the organization continues to unfold. AIWA’s Mission, Goals and Purpose stand the test of time, remaining significant, meaningful and fundamental.


  • To connect and elevate Armenian
    women globally.


  • Engage communities
  • Enable connections
  • Enhance well-being
  • Elevate leaders
  • Empower learning

Guiding Values

  • Values that guide our actions:
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Inclusivity
  • Service
  • Relevance