A Letter Written 30 Years Ago: AIWA Continues to Activate Voices Today



2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA). Founded in Boston by three trailblazing women, Eva Medzorian, Barbara Merguerian and Olga Proudian, AIWA has made a great impact in the lives of Armenian women worldwide. Over the last 3 decades, whether involved in initiatives for the arts, health, leadership, scholarships, publishing, archives and many others, AIWA’s focus has always been the advancement of the Armenian woman.

On May 14, 1991, during a devastating time in Armenian history, Eva Medzorian, in her role as the first President of AIWA, wrote a letter urging members to use their voices and reach out to their representatives in support of Armenia against a hostile enemy.

Eva’s plea is also a stark reminder of how little things have changed and how much more there is to do. The war that started 30 years ago still continues. Our war efforts this past year were far-reaching and included helping mobilize more than $1,300,000 of medical supplies, fundraising over $77,000 for the Women’s Support Center (WSC) located in Yerevan and providing financial support to the Homeland Development Initiative Foundation (HDIF).

The Armenian community, across the globe, is thriving.  We are innovators, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, politicians and so much more. The recent United AIO conference highlighted the sheer talent, ingenuity, and creativity of individual Armenian contributors and reinforced the potential for Armenians to build coalitions and partnerships to help the continued growth in Armenia.

Our mission has never been more clear and more important: to connect and elevate Armenian women globally. To that end, AIWA is forming the cornerstones of democracy with educated and informed citizens. AIWA is dedicated to continuing this work to ensure that 30 years from now, we will be writing our own future, not reliving the past once more.

Now is the time to expand our positive impact. Your donation will support our education and relief programs to elevate Armenian women through these uncertain times. Help shape our future!