Thank You From the Interim President, Silva Katchiguian

May 16, 2022

At the recent 2022 Annual Meeting of AIWA members and friends, it was my great pleasure and privilege to hear the reports from AIWA Affiliate leaders and Board members showing the successful scale of growth in our mission to connect and elevate Armenian women globally.  

With over $81,000 awarded to 53 Students by Central Board and Affiliates and two new named scholarships (Eva & Jack Medzorian Scholarships for students preferably from the Tavush region of Armenia, and Arpine Kharajian Scholarships for students preparing for social, health, or humanitarian careers), AIWA is making assistance available to students impacted by the Armenian-Azeri conflict, crisis in Lebanon, effects of the coronavirus and others across the globe. 

Our affiliates help sustain the vibrant movements that can deliver change to our initiatives. We are on a positive trend raising awareness to women’s issues and increasing enrollment in our membership and events. Currently 70% of our members are Lifetime with 30% committed to renewing annually.  Our on-line events with topics ranging from Women’s Leadership in Technology, Climate Change Crisis, Financial Literacy, Engaging Men in Domestic Violence Prevention, Shaping Global Standards of Safety and Health, Transforming Children’s Literature all informed, inspired, and encouraged future programs.

With these and many more accomplishments behind us, we take this positive momentum and apply it forward. There is much work to be done. We hope you will join us on our journey to continue to build on the resources we are known for, such as enabling value education through our scholarships; making inroads into health and wellness and playing a vital role in connecting and amplifying critical work for women’s rights through our partnerships and participation at the UN Commission on the Status of Women; and keeping in step with future workforce trends to create opportunities for economic growth for women in Armenia and the Diaspora. 

I am very excited to see the future unfold with our members.  We grow and scale successfully with your passion, your trust and support. You are an integral part of our vision to connect and elevate Armenian women wherever they may be. 

Let’s work together.

Silva Katchiguian
Interim President
Board of Directors