AIWA-SF Affiliate Welcomes New Leadership

April 22, 2024

Lilit Yenokyan was announced as the new president of the Armenian International Women’s Association – San Francisco Chapter. Tsovo Massena and Christine Soussa step into co-VP roles, bringing their collective expertise and leadership to support AIWA-SF’s goals.

San Francisco, CA – The Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA) – San Francisco Chapter proudly announces Lilit Yenokyan as its incoming president. As a seasoned Software Leader at Roku with an extensive background in technology and a profound commitment to AIWA, Lilit Yenokyan is excited to lead the organization toward a vibrant future, enhancing its mission to empower Armenian women and girls both locally and globally.

Tsovo Massena steps into a co-VP role. Tsovo brings a decade of experience as a marketing executive and real estate investment advisor. A long-time AIWA supporter, she’s delighted to now take a leadership role within the chapter. 

Christine Soussa who has been involved with AIWA since college and her family has supported AIWA for 4 generations. She has formally served as the AIWA-SF President and AIWA Global Board Member. AIWA will always have a special place in her heart and she’s  excited to re-join affiliate leadership, bringing her expertise in building communities for growth and lasting impact. 

Yenokyan’s presidency will focus on three core pillars:

  1. Fostering Connections in Local Community: Committed to strengthening bonds among Armenian women in the San Francisco Bay area through mentorship programs and a sense of community. By nurturing these relationships, AIWA-SF aspires to evolve into an even more robust hub for women of Armenian descent and their allies.
  2. Harnessing Technological Strength of the Bay Area: Situated in the heart of the Bay Area’s unique tech ecosystem, the affiliate plans to leverage its vast technological resources. This strategy will not only widen opportunities for Armenian women in tech but will also advance digital literacy, innovation, and professional growth within the community.
  3. Broadening Support for Initiatives in Armenia: With plans to reinforce educational programs, scholarships, women’s shelters, and initiatives that mentor and guide women-owned businesses, the affiliate hopes to boost the aspirations of numerous women in Armenia, guiding them to their milestones through financial aid and expert counsel.

The AIWA-SF chapter is an active affiliate within AIWA, an organization that continues to make a significant impact globally and within its many nationwide chapters in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New England, and the tri-states of NJ, NY and Connecticut. Re-established in 2012, the AIWA-SF chapter has focused on finding ways to educate and connect the Bay Area community with a focus on initiatives empowering and supporting women in Armenia. 

AIWA-SF executive committee consists of 

  • Lilit Yenokyan, President
  • Tsovo Massena, Incoming Vice President
  • Christine Soussa, Prior SF- Affiliate President and AIWA Global Board Member, Incoming Vice President
  • Suzanna Khatchatrian, Founding Affiliate Member
  • Lusine Yeghiazaryan, Founding Affiliate VP, Prior AIWA Global Board Member
  • Laura Dirtadian, Treasurer, Prior SF-Affiliate President
  • Arusyak Abrahamyan
  • Viktoria Ter-Nikoghosyan, Special Projects Lead
  • Anna Masis, Founding Affiliate Member

As the affiliate continues to grow, all are welcome to be a part of this special organization dedicated to fostering meaningful connections within the Bay Area community and broadening support for initiatives focused on helping women and girls in Armenia. Follow us at @aiwasanfrancisco on Instagram become a member at