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Krystianne Avedian

THRIVE is an AIWA project dedicated to highlighting individuals who are doing remarkable things in their personal and professional lives to better themselves and those around them. These individuals are inspiring, dynamic, innovative and interesting. Today, we feature Krystianne Avedian, Chief Relationship Officer and Global Mindfulness Leader at Capgemini. 

Krystianne Avedian (She/Her) is the Global Chief Relationship Officer at Capgemini and has been with Capgemini for 20 years focused on Design Thinking and Strategic Alliances and Partnerships. 

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

Occupation: Chief Relationship Officer and Global Mindfulness Leader at Capgemini



May 9, 2022

She holds a Master of Business Administration from University of California, Irvine, a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in Business from Point Loma University and a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator and Instructor. Her Gallup StrengthFinder top 5 themes include Strategic, Connectedness, Competition, Ideation and Futuristic. 

Krystianne is a certified Mindfulness Facilitator and Instructor though Mindful Leader and has taken advanced leadership training with Search Inside Yourself and Potential Project. Krystianne is the Global Capgemini Chief Mindfulness Architect and has developed a Mindfulness with Capgemini Facilitation Certification.

Krystianne currently holds a board position at HyeTech and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am 3rd generation Armenian – with both grandparents coming from Van, Armenia. I currently split time between Los Angeles, California and Seattle, WA.

Q: What is your life philosophy?

I have dug into the topic of Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Empathy and Compassion over the past several years as leaning into my Superpowers. My favorite Armenian saying at the moment is “Tsavt Tanem” – and hear the words of my relatives with loosely translated ‘let me take your pain’. I spent most of my early life not knowing how to feel or navigate my emotions and so have been really learn to unpack emotions, feelings and explore self compassion in addition to compassion for all which is where we are truly connected.

Q: What is your hope for the future?

I believe that we are continuing to develop as humans to see that human connectedness. It is that unity and connection which will help us solve problems like anxiety, depression, climate challenge. My hope for the future is a place where we come together to create equity and equality for all divisiveness.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being Armenian?

I have so many favorite things about being Armenian. I feel the Armenian spirit deep in my blood and bones. I believe that my grandparents passed on their energy of strength, fortitude, loyalty, passion and dedication. I love being that strong for what I believe in. And of course, you can’t say you are Armenian without saying you love the food! It is the best!!!

Q: How has the Armenian culture shaped / influenced you?

The Armenian community is so connected and strong – that strength has been pivotal and foundational to my life.

Final Thoughts:

I love the ‘Wise Weaver’ Armenian Tale and remember my grandmother telling me this story A Wise Weaver – An Armenian Folktale – Bing video. The moral of the story “Wisdom and understanding are not distributed according to rank and that all are entitled to be treated as humanely as your peers”


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