Aiwa Trailblazers

Gevorgyan, Hayastan

Grammarian, Volunteer Soldier

1901 ‑ 1937

July 13, 2021

Born in the village of Daharlu (currently Getk, in the Akhuryan district of Shirak province), Gevorgyan graduated from Kars gymnasium and studied literature at the Sorbonne (University in Paris) from 1920 to 1923. She lectured at Turinghen University in Germany before returning home in 1926.

In 1917, before going to Paris, she disregarded her father’s objections and joined the army as a volunteer, presenting herself as a young boy. She was a telephone operator, then was transferred to the first division of the newly established Armenia Corps. She was awarded the St. George Cross, Fourth Degree, for her bravery in action during the battle of Ilidje in February 1918.

Hayastan’s first book, Vishapneri Ashkharhum (In the World of Dragons), was published in 1934. She died in Geneva.

Prepared by the Central State Archives, Republic of Armenia


Central State Archive of the Republic of Armenia, fund 420, list 16, N 17.