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Babayan, Araksi Tovmasi



July 14, 2021

Araksi Babayan graduated from the department of agriculture of Yerevan State University in 1929, and from the department of chemistry of the Polytechnic Institute in 1937. She worked in the Yerevan Veterinarian-Zoological Institute as the dean of the organic chemistry department from 1942 to 1956. Later she worked in the Scientific‑Research Institute of the Academy of Sciences, leading the laboratory of amino‑ compounds (1957). In 1946 she began research on amines and fourth degree amine compounds. Her research and findings have had a tremendous practical and scientific importance. The results of her research were published in Yerevan in 1976 as Vnutremolecularnie peregroupirovki solei chtirekhzameshennogo ammonia (Intermolecular Regrouping of Salts fourth degree replaced ammonia).

Babayan was named a Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor (1945), USSR Honorary Scientist (1961), member of the Academy of Science of Armenia (1968), and was repeatedly elected to the ASSR General Assembly. She died in Yerevan.

Prepared by the Central State Archives, Republic of Armenia


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