Aiwa Trailblazers

Ananyan, Anahit Arshaki

Agriculture Specialist, Vegetable-Cultivator


July, 14, 2021

A graduate of the department of agriculture of Tiflis Polytechnic Institute in 1926, Anahit Ananyan began working in the Vegetable Plants State Cultivating Station of Armenia in 1933; from 1949 to 1984 she was the director of the Station.

She cultivated new improved species of tomatoes and peppers (“Anahit‑20,” “Yerevan‑14,” “Masis‑202,” “Zvartnots,” etc.). The species cultivated by her now enjoy wide demand, and she was the recipient of many degrees and honors: Doctor of Agricultural Sciences (1966), ASSR Honorary Scientist (1967), and Hero of Socialistic Work (1971). The results of her cultivation have been summarized in the work Vegetable‑Canned‑Food Plants in Armenia (Yerevan, 1965).

Prepared by the Central State Archives, Republic of Armenia


Encyclopedia of the Republic of Armenia, v. 1, Yerevan, 1990.