Incoming AIWA President, Silva Katchiguian Letter

January 20, 2022

Dear AIWA members, sisters, and supporters,

I am incredibly excited to begin the year as Interim President of the Armenian International Women’s Association. Over the past years of serving on AIWA leadership committees and on the Board of Directors, I have had the privilege to see in action the power and impact of the organization within our communities. We have accomplished much in our young 30 years.

As we focus forward, our mission to connect and elevate Armenian women globally has never been more urgent or more needed. The defining issues of the past year-and-half have made it clear that we have an increased responsibility to help our Armenian sisters everywhere with opportunities to thrive.

There are many areas within the 3 pillars of Health and Wellness, Education and Leadership, and Research and Publication that need our collective attention to rise women and girls to achieve their potential. You have the opportunity to work with us as a member, supporter, donor or volunteer in regional chapter events and on-line events that focus on our mission. Let’s be bold, optimistic, and more pro-active by working together to drive the engines of growth and opportunity in ways that benefit everyone.

I see boundless possibility ahead.
I am encouraged by our charismatic Board and affiliates who are committed to our vision, but mostly, I am encouraged because of the power of you, our members, our supporters, our friends, donors, partners, sisters, and everyone who continues to work hard to enable a better place for women in the face of constraints. As we continue to pursue our mission, with your support, I am certain that we will collectively achieve so much more together.

I couldn’t be more optimistic.


Silva Katchiguian
Interim President