AIWA “Youth-Member” Raises over $30K

June 6, 2022

California – The Armenian International Women’s Association is exceptionally touched by the proactive actions taken by an elementary student and one of AIWA’s youngest members. Nicole Saghatelian,  launched a fundraiser after her trip to Armenia where she visited multiple orphanages and youth centers including TUMO Center for Creative Technologies and Our Lady of Armenia summer camp in Tsaghkadzor, with her Mom and Metz-Mama. The trip profoundly impacted her. As a result, she shared her experiences with her friends and community through a heartfelt letter she wrote when she was in the 2nd grade. To date, she has raised over $30,000.00. In her original letter, Nicole wrote, “The first time I went to an orphanage, I spent the entire day with 150 kids who stay there. I had so much fun playing with them.  I noticed that they don’t have the same things we have.  At first, I thought the kids were there for school, but no one came to pick them up. Then I learned that they don’t have homes and they stay at the orphanage because they don’t know their parents. This made me very sad.” 

As a global and inclusive organization, AIWA is overjoyed to inspire its youngest members to take action toward positive impact and to change lives. This year, $10,000.00 of the funds will go towards supporting the 2022 Our Lady of Armenia summer camp in Tsaghkadzor. Nicole cannot wait to visit Armenia again soon and wants to continue to raise funds for children in Armenia, especially after the realities of Covid and the recent 2020 Artsakh war. She continues to raise money for the children and families of Armenia and will appreciate any contributions towards her efforts.