AIWA Empower Path: Transforming Lives, Building Communities

June 26, 2024

AIWA x Hub Artsakh Update

AIWA EmpowerPath has made significant headway with our partner organization HubArtsakh. With a focus on empowering women, the program has trained over 50 individuals, carefully selected from a pool of over 275 applicants, prioritizing those facing heightened vulnerabilities and lacking prior work experience Understanding the challenges of accessibility, transportation costs have been covered for trainees commuting long distances to Yerevan for training sessions.

Diversifying skill sets has been a key aspect, with training spanning across various industries. Notably, 18 women have undergone training in the beauty industry through collaboration with Haze Academy,

Ongoing food business training, conducted by experts from institutions such as Gyumri Hospitality School, Glovo, and IRIS, have provided invaluable knowledge and skills to the participants. This has been enhanced with visits to operational kitchens.

Art House has equipped 12 women with essential sewing and design skills.

Beyond technical expertise, the program underscores the importance of soft skills development, encompassing areas such as time management, digital literacy, and communication.

The participants have also received trauma relief and resilience to equip them with anxiety management techniques, helping them cope with their grief and anxiety.

Hub Artsakh plays a crucial role in the AIWA Empower Path initiative by actively matching participants with job vacancies and providing ongoing training. The organization offers a robust infrastructure to support the current cohort of women, enhancing their job search skills and providing training in English language among other areas. This comprehensive support system helps in equipping women with the necessary tools to secure employment and advance professionally.

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