Affiliate Executive Committee

Nicole Nishanian

Affiliate Chair

Margaret Mgrublian

Affiliate Vice Chair

Arsine Phillips

Affiliate Vice Chair

Diane Cabraloff

Diane Cabraloff

Ilean Rogers

Affiliate Treasurer

Marissa Nadjarian

Affiliate Recording Secretary

Lily Balian

Affiliate Publicity & Media Liaison

Annette Kosker

Membership Coordinator

Diana Hekimian

Membership Coordinator

Houry Aposhian

Membership Coordinator

AIWA Affiliate Initiatives

Laurel Karabian Arts Fund

The Laurel Karabian Fund for the Arts was established in 2017 by the Los Angeles affiliate of the Armenian International Women’s Association of America to honor the memory of Laurel Karabian, the very first president of our Los Angeles Chapter and a staunch supporter of the arts. It is earmarked to support cutting-edge, high-quality young and emerging female talents that reflect the creative aspirations of the Armenian-American community.

Hasmik Mgrdichian Scholarships

Every year the Los Angeles affiliate awards five young women each with a $5000 scholarship which is sent directly to their university.

Past Webinars


Empowering Armenian Women from Different Perspectives



KEUSH Sparkling Wine Tasting


The Armenia Fund, A Growing Need: Conversing with Maria Mehranian

Affiliate History

Affiliate founded in 1991. This was the first affiliate founded when the organization was founded in Boston Massachusetts. The first executive committee consisted of Elizabeth Agbabian, Flora Dunaians, Hermine Janoyan, Hasmik Mgrdichian, Savey tufenkian.