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Tony Safoian

Today, we feature Tony Safoian.

As CEO and President of SADA Systems, Tony Safoian firmly believes that technology can empower people to transform their world. To this end, he places innovation at the core of the business model, coupled with exceptional customer experience and managed services. Under Safoian’s guidance, SADA has differentiated itself by proactively addressing a rapidly evolving market across Enterprise, Midmarket, Government and Education sectors, while anticipating the needs of its customers—often even before they do.

Location: Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

Occupation: CEO at SADA


Safoian has transformed SADA into one of the world’s top business and technology consultancy and cloud services brokerage firms. As a Google Cloud launch partner and an award-winning Google Cloud Premier Partner, SADA enhanced its suite of product offerings, solutions and services providing consultative, cloud migration, deployment, change management and cloud managed services. Safoian’s continuous drive for innovation and growth has led SADA to develop cutting-edge applications and award-winning solutions for global brands.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being Armenian?

That I had an opportunity to grow up under a completely different government system – in Soviet Armenia. I know what it’s like to immigrate to America – and a deep appreciation of what makes this country incredible – despite its flaws. That I know what it’s like to both be happy in the absence of material things, but also of having a drive in the belly to achieve something great, admirable, honorable, and influential. That I grew up with a core understanding of the meaning of family – extended family.

Q: How has the Armenian culture shaped / influenced you?

Armenians are survivors. It’s not lost on me that given our tragic history, many of my ancestors had to both be very lucky and smart to have just survived – otherwise, I may never have been born to begin with. That leaves me with a great sense of responsibility. The fact that I’m even here, means I expect of myself to make significant contributions to society. We tend to be highly creative, flexible, unrelenting. We are raised valuing family and legacy immensely – which makes it easy for me to think of even the extended company I run ‘like’ family. Family takes care of one another – and I feel responsible for the success and well being of every one of the members of the SADA family.

Q: What is your life philosophy?

Life is an infinite game (Simon Sinek). You can’t play by finite game rules. Life is full of abundance – it’s not a zero sum game. If I spend my time focusing on how I can add value (in every interaction, in every transaction, and in every relationship) while following my passion and just cause – everything else falls into place.

Q: What is your hope for the future?

Most of my energy is focused on the present, and also in my circle of influence in the context of my passions (my children, family, friends). I focus on making SADA the best company it can be – actively working to improve the capabilities of the people and the performance of the organizations we serve. Growth mindset. I hope the future is one where humanity experiences a renaissance of kindness, empathy, and reason.


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