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Sabina Avakian

I was born in 1992 year when Virgo constellation was delivering the Sun. My father is Armenian, and my mother has Lithuanian origin. My grandmother (Father’s mom) is from Artsakh also known as Nagorno-Karabakh – a beautiful mountainous and forested area between Armenia and Azerbaijan. I love forested mountains – they are like living ancient witnesses of history of the human kind. Mountains give us the perception how small we really are, they help to sort out what’s really important, what are the true values of life and fill the longing of our spirits.

Location: Stockholm

Occupation:Vice Massage Therapist


I lived in Moscow in my early age, then moved and finished school in Lithuania. I received my marketing and advertising degree in college, but as a woman, somewhere deep inside I had a feeling that I did not fulfill the gap of helping others. So, after college I went to medical massage school. I could put myself in the “ism- schism” language calling myself a physical medicine specialist, but we are much more than all these descriptions. We all are spirits, women, men, constant students of life and of something beyond all these kinds of terminologies.

During my short 27 years, I’ve had a lot of mountains to move. Honestly, I feel like an old soul in a young body. I’ve come to a certain point of understanding that there is no time to buzz around the mountain, life is just too precious to waste. As His Majesty Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie has said – “we must become members of a new race, serving in loyalty and devotion not just to nations but to our fellow men within the human community… Simply understanding the law of nature that everything what’s happened in my life or others has its own purpose. With compassion in heart and smile upon the face just give thanks for what we have at this very moment. I believe all riches of this world are within us, just simply acknowledging the fact that not all of them are physically reachable.”

This past spring, I moved to Stockholm (a Love refugee as they sayJ). One cool but cozy evening, I was surfing the internet and– while I could tell you that the AIWA logo contest was an unexpected discovery for me, I see it as the synchronicity of intuitive energies. For a long time, I’ve had the desire to contribute to the Armenian diaspora; the older you get, the more intensively your ancestors call you, I guess… So, without any expectations and with an encouraging push from my boyfriend, I tried my luck and won.

I like to balance and implement traditions in a modern way. Instead of moralizing and giving “wise advice,” I would like to call all women of this great world: beautiful, precious, caring, loving daughters, sisters, wives. Do not let ourselves and our children lose themselves in a pit of false self-identity, imposed social framings and norms of society. Let’s heal ourselves from our past and the past of our ancestors, becoming an example for future upcoming generations. Discovering and embracing, being brave and wise enough to see myself as a Virtuous Woman of this modern life who is striving to not be “perfect” but to live her life for a greater purpose.


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