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Narine Galstian

Today, we feature Narine Galstian, Chief Marketing Officer, SADA.

As Chief Marketing Officer of SADA, Narine oversees global branding and marketing initiatives including corporate communications and public relations, channel and strategic alliances, conferences and events, solutions marketing and demand generation.

Location: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Chief Marketing Officer, SADA


With 20+ years of marketing experience, Narine has led impactful marketing and business development teams, steering strategic business objectives and execution of results-oriented marketing programs.

Prior to SADA Systems, she served on executive teams and led marketing programs for various B2B and B2C technology and SaaS companies and tech startups.

Narine received an MBA with focus on International Business from Woodbury University, and holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Marketing Management from California State University, Los Angeles. Narine is a Chief and CMO Club Member, and an #IamRemarkable facilitator.

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Marketing’s Role and Impact on Brand

Q: What is your life philosophy?

My philosophy on life is life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. This quote by Charles R. Swindoll has really resonated with me since I was very young. How you react to what life throws at you will determine how you come out of it on the other side. Life has certainly thrown me many curve balls and some serious life battles, however, I remained grateful for all that life has to offer and all that I had versus what I didn’t have and what struggle I was experiencing in the short term. Your mind has a lot of power, always stay positive and welcome life’s challenges, and tackle them head on.

Q: What is your hope for the future?

My hope for the future is that we will stop the divide and focus more on what unites us as people. I truly believe we are more alike than we are different, but recent years have really been all about our differences which has created so much hate. I hope future generations are more compassionate and empathetic towards each other, and more tolerant of each other’s differences, racial or economic backgrounds, religious and political views, and lifestyle.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being Armenian?

I don’t have one favorite thing about being, I have a few favorite things. I love our history and while we have suffered greatly as a race due to the Armenian Genocide, it has made us survivors. The trans-generational survivor mindset has contributed to Armenians thriving all over the world. While we are small in numbers, we make a big impact. No matter where we go in the world, we will acculturate, work hard and find a way to create a sense of community. Armenians all over the world have found ways to make their mark across various sectors and communities. I also love our food, music, and our traditions. I was born in Armenia, but grew up in the US since I was 8 years old. As a family, we still speak Armenian and have kept the traditions.

Q: We called 2020 the year of the upheaval and awakening? What were your biggest upheavals and what did they teach you? What was your awakening(s) and what did it teach you?

2020 was most certainly the year of upheaval and awakening. From a professional standpoint, it was the year of the “pivot”. As marketers, we had to quickly pivot to an all-digital marketing strategy, transitioning all in-person events to virtual and finding new tactics and channels to engage and connect with our customers and audience. In addition, as a team that was all together at the headquarters with an amazing creative team and camaraderie, we had to pivot to working from home and finding new ways to connect and brainstorm together to continue innovating. I’m proud to say we mastered it and now with an all-remote team, we continue to create connections and drive engagement via all our digital channels and have even become closer as a team learning more about each other’s personal lives and being more empathetic with each other. From a personal perspective, it was certainly difficult not seeing family and friends, and not being able to travel for vacations and have adventures as I’m an avid traveler. I learned to enjoy my quiet time, joined a book club and kept connected with the group virtually, took long walks and hikes with my dog. It was also nice not to have to travel for work so much and really enjoy my home, cooking and baking and exercising regularly. Most importantly, this past year has allowed me to focus on growing my family.

Q: How has the Armenian culture shaped you?

My Armenia culture has allowed me to feel unique and strong. Our history is so rooted in survivorship and purpose that I feel compelled to keep going no matter what life throws my way, to keep working harder to make my mark, to be stronger and more independent, and to keep sharing my heritage with others and provide the space for others to share their heritage with me.


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