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Dr. Patti Fletcher

THRIVE is an AIWA project dedicated to highlighting individuals who are doing remarkable things in their personal and professional lives to better themselves and those around them. These individuals are inspiring, dynamic, innovative and interesting. Today, we feature Dr. Patti Fletcher, Chief Marketing Officer, Limeade; CEO, PSDNetwork.

Dr. Patti Fletcher (She/Her) is the Chief Marketing Officer at Limeade and CEO at PSDNetwork

Location: Natick, Massachusetts, United States

Occupation: Dr. Patti Fletcher




September 6, 2022

Dr. Patti Fletcher is an internationally sought-after speaker, seasoned tech executive, award-winning marketing and business influencer, board member, angel investor, and currently serves as CMO at Limeade (ASX: LME).

Dr. Patti has appeared on NASDAQ, Cheddar, Bloomberg, Chronicle, and Greater Boston, among others. Patti writes for, The Guardian, Forbes, and The Digitalist, and has contributed to/been featured in Time Magazine, CNBC, RealSimple, Al Jazeera, Fortune, Newsweek, The Boston Globe, Thrive Global, The Muse, The Huffington Post, and many more. She is the author of the best-selling Disrupters: Success Strategies From Women Who Break The Mold (second edition October 2022).

She is included in the coveted lists of “2022 Ten Most Inspiring CMOs,” “Top 50 Female Leaders in Massachusetts 2022,” and “18 Women to Watch in 2018” by Brown, Brothers, Harriman. In her leadership futurist, business strategy, and keynote business, PSDNetwork, LLC, her clients included independent contractors and small business owners, to lean start-ups to Fortune 500s such as SAP, IBM, Salesforce, AIG, Intuit, and Kaiser Permanente.

Prior to joining Limeade, Dr. Patti held executive positions in marketing, business development, strategy, and product at, SuccessFactors, SAP, IBM, and IHS. She serves on the boards of The KUR and EnterpriseAlumni, is a founding member of Board++, and was formerly Executive-in-Residence at Babson College WINLab, on the Supervisory Board at Southern New Hampshire University, a founding member of Entrepreneur Magazine Mentors, and formerly EIR at the Simmons University Entrepreneurship program. More information can be found about Patti and the work she is doing to lift up women everywhere at and on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter with the account name Dr Patti Fletcher.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My husband and I are the parents of two daughters and one amazing Havanese. We will be empty nesters a year from now.  My mother is a first-generation Armenian American and my dad came from an Irish American family. My parents raised my sisters and me with a healthy love, loyalty, respect, and admiration for my country, retired and active service members, being Armenian, and the importance of family. They also raised me to believe that I could do and achieve anything I wanted. As a woman in tech and the primary breadwinner, it certainly has not been easy; it has been full of important lessons and amazing friends I have met along the way. I count my blessings every day for all I have experienced in my life – because it’s those times that things seem to follow along a natural course of positive energy and those hard lessons-learned and the resulting impact that I can now share with the next generation of leaders.  May my glass ceiling be their cement floor.

Q: What is your life philosophy?

My life seems to follow the path of two philosophies. The first is that I believe that status quos that no longer solve the world because they are inefficient, ineffective, and inequitable must be disrupted and transformed into something that requires few resources, achieves the desired positive impacts, and creates a better experience for all people, not just some.  The second is that I believe that all people- regardless of gender, ethnicity, differently-abled, and who they love –  have the right to thrive and live on their terms without fear of what others will do to stop them.

This is why I use my platform to inspire and enable women to recognize and appreciate their own power and channel it to disrupt limiting status quos that no longer serve them. Women reinvest what they earn and learn back into the communities around them. Investing in disrupting the status quos that hold women back is critical, not just for women, but for the world. Wherever I go, this is my north star.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being Armenian/Armenians?

There are so many, it is hard to choose! One of my favorite things is how I feel when I am with Armenians. I feel connected and welcomed in an unspoken yet undeniably powerful way, a feeling unlike anything else I have experienced.

Q: How has the Armenian culture shaped / influenced you?

My nana, who was orphaned in the Genocide, and lived an incredibly hard life as a result, still had love and hope in her heart. She loved her family, those living and those not, and saw the good in everything and everyone around her. I have found this same kind of warmth and support within our community.

What has also shaped me is getting to know many inspirational Armenian women around the globe and creating a deep bond with the many strong Armenian women in Boston via AIWA. What a powerhouse community of Armenian women we have locally! Through these amazing women, I see the goodness of my Nana, the grit of my mother, and the intellect and love I aspire to have and share. Because of these women and inspired by my Nana, mother, sisters, and daughters, I decided to partner with AIWA to create an annual scholarship, in my Nana’s name, Arshalous Tashjian Medzorian, to help two Armenian women over the age of 30 further education into topics related to STEM and/or economic-impact and growth.

Q: What is your hope for the future?

My hope for the future is that the world changes how they view female disrupters and how these incredible women view themselves.


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