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Christine Soussa

Today, we feature Christine Soussa

Christine Soussa is a seasoned, top performing Sales and Strategy Professional with over 25 years experience. Currently, she is a Senior Strategic Account Executive at Equinix, where she focuses on helping enterprises define and execute their global digital edge and cloud strategy.

Location: Los Gatos, California, United States

Occupation: Global Client Director


She has held Senior Sales and Strategy positions at Symantec, VeriSign and The Walt Disney Company. Her creative and curious nature paired with her mindset is part of what makes her unique. Throughout her career she has been honored with multiple sales and leadership awards. She also serves as an adviser to several Entrepreneurs and Executives.

She holds degrees in Political Science and English with emphases in International Relations and Writing / Rhetoric, from Pepperdine University. Christine is also President of AIWA-SF, a nonprofit dedicated to advancement and development.

Q: What is your life philosophy?

Mindset is crucial. Honor your abilities and bet on yourself. Practice makes progress (not perfect) so embrace the journey and have fun. When things are hard, harness your resilience and empathy, it’s time to turn ON when you hear NO. We live in a loud world where often, things appear harder than they are. I enjoy deconstructing complexity to unravel the core, thereby discovering a path forward.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being Armenian?

The culture and the value we place on faith, family, friends and community. Throughout my travels, I love meeting Armenians all over the world. It’s endearing to know that we can find a welcoming Armenian community anywhere in the world. Oh and Manti, yummy!


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