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Audree Goodew

Today, we feature Audree Goodew, Chief of Staff to the President at ServiceTitan.

I live and work in Glendale, CA where I serve as Vahe Kuzoyan’s Chief of Staff at ServiceTitan. In my role, I get to partner across multiple teams and customers to solve problems that generate value for both our customers and business. Some of my favorite initiatives to work on at ServiceTitan are centered around taking nebulous problems and finding solutions, especially when those solutions are data-driven. I love running, biking, and generally any activity outdoors with friends and family. On weekends you can find me on the trails on a long run, enjoying the hills, views of the ocean and hoping to see a few deer!

Location: Glendale, California

Occupation: Chief of Staff to the President at ServiceTitan


2020: The Year Of Upheaval

2020 brought the pandemic, a war in Artsakh and so many other challenging events. For me, the war was particularly impactful. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Armenia several times with ServiceTitan and our office there is full of some of the most incredible, generous and hardworking people I know. Seeing them take in refugees, be sent to the front lines, and anxiously await news of their loved ones while I stayed safely in LA was devastating.

My immediate thought was ‘How can we help?’

With so many displaced families, I could only imagine how it felt to be a mother, staying in a stranger’s home trying to keep her children safe and calm while her husband was fighting on the front lines. I reached out to Erebouni, Head of Development at TUMO and we started to brainstorm what we could do between ServiceTitan and TUMO to aid these families. We came up with an idea that would allow students who weren’t ready to attend school full-time to participate in an optional program that provided them with free transportation, a meal and access to TUMO’s world-class software so they could come and learn at their own pace. We thought this would also provide mothers a much-needed reprieve.

It was a small program but our way of contributing during an especially challenging time. Now, many of the students who participated in the TUMO program when they were in Yerevan are attending the TUMO in Stepanakert. The war was a good reminder to me that when we work together, no matter where we’re located, we can make an impact just using the few tools we have.

If you haven’t checked out TUMO, please do and consider donating to the incredible work they’re doing!

Life Philosophy:

Work hard and do as much good as you can. Growing up in a small town with a big family, I was raised with core values like community; hard work; and serving those around me. From an early age, my parents put me in sports like running and cross-country skiing, where I learned to work hard and how to function as part of a team. Volunteering in our community and schools was expected and what I loved. My life perspective and experiences are due to the family, friends and community I grew up with, and I believe they’ve served me well both personally and professionally. I’m incredibly thankful for all the people who’ve invested in me and my development throughout the years to help me get to where I am today.

My Hope for the Future:

I want to see the incredible culture of Armenia expanded. The humility, kindness and family centric Armenian culture are so inspiring. My hope is that companies like ServiceTitan and programs like TUMO will continue to showcase the brilliant and resilient people of Armenia. When Armenian culture is expanded and shared, our world will become an even better place.


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