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Artak Aloyan

Today, we feature Artak Aloyan, Certified Management Consultant Essentials.

Artak Aloyan is a Certified Management Consultant Essentials, an international trainer in Strategic Planning, Leadership, Management, Business Communications, Personal Growth.

Location: Armenia

Occupation: Certified Management Consultant Essentials


He received his MA Degree from the American University of Armenia in 2001 and is a soft skills trainer at the AUA Open Education. He is involved in several other programs including EastInvest2 project (Eurochambres, Brussels, EU), EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development) within WiB (Women in Business) training, a CYD (Community and Youth Development) Technical Trainer at U.S. Peace Corps Armenia. Artak is the Founder of Happiness Club Armenia and has been President of Association of English Language Teachers of Armenia (AELTA) (2015-2016). Also, since 2009 Artak has been Country Representative for the German training and expertise company called SES (Senior Expert Services) the headquarter of which is located in Bonn, Germany.

Artak believes women are fighters in their respective fields, who face more hurdles along the way and are having to jump higher in order to be acknowledged and to achieve the success due them. Hence, he has conducted training for WIB (Women in Business) with EBRD, and WEP/WLP (Women Entrepreneurs/Leadership Programs) with AUA. Internationally, he has conducted training in Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine.

Q: What is your life philosophy?

My life philosophy has always been to remain happy regardless of external factors, temporary incidents and circumstances. This has been my creed since the age of 9-10. Later in life, this philosophy solidified due to my exposure to various rational, creative and sophisticated ideologies which I agreed with, ultimately, we seek happiness, more precisely, personal happiness. The latter, in my view, is a strong prerequisite for quality of life, emotional balance, mental health, fulfilled social life, and so on.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being Armenian/Armenians?

My favorite thing about being Armenian is the Armenian childhood that my parents gave me which I’m endlessly happy for and proud of. An amazing childhood in the family of Armenian upper middle class, hardworking and well-earning parents who taught me the importance of education, hard work, generosity, and wellbeing. Early on in my childhood, I have observed that both my mom and dad worked 24/7 and have always been advocates for professionalism, healthy ambitions, career growth and commitment. I was blessed to see that my mom had equal investment in our family in terms of decision making, problem solving and income generation, as well as giving care and attention. This experience has shaped my further vision and ideology on gender equality and women empowerment. Luckily, I pursued a career as a management and leadership trainer and had the privilege to train women of Armenia within multiple programs and see their success and growth first-hand.

Q: How has the Armenian culture influenced you?

The Armenian culture has given me several things, mainly, the ability to communicate with people of various ages, genders, backgrounds with equal respect and dignity. Also, it has enabled me to explore other cultures and mindsets.

Q: We called 2020 the year of the upheaval and awakening? What were your biggest upheavals and what did they teach you? What was your awakening(s) and what did it teach you?

Oddly enough, 2020 was an excellent year for my personal growth. First off, I was able to read more. Secondly, I was able to paint more. So far, I have around 30 paintings. But most importantly, I was able to pay my mom long visits and stay at her place for months, which would be impossible given our regular life beyond the pandemic. On the other hand, one of the biggest upheavals was to watch some of my friends go through emotional and mental hardships. I communicated with some of my best friends more frequently than ever before. Both the challenges and positive sides of 2020 empowered me more as a person and enabled me to own my strengths and weaknesses.

Q: What is your hope for the future?

I hope that people, as the most crucial role-players for the future, will be less obsessed with societal pressure, more inward looking, striving to reveal their potential to live a more happy, more balanced and less insecure life. But more specifically, I hope that individuals will be appreciated more in schools, work places, families, societies. I hope that individual happiness will be an important value and even a human right. I hope the world will be a better place because individuals are happy.


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