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Albert Manukyan

Today, we feature Albert Manukyan

Albert Manukyan is the co-founder of Velvioo ( Velvioo owns and operates Yerevan’s first bicycle and electric bicycle sharing program in Yerevan, called YerevanRide (

Location: Los Angeles Metropolitan Area

Occupation: Founder/CEO at ANIV


Albert is now expanding Velvioo to provide private electric scooters, bicycles, and cars for residential properties and commercial properties. Albert previously founded an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot company for the retail industry, named Anix. Prior to that Albert worked at LiveLook, where he was instrumental in the company’s acquisition by Oracle. Albert holds a Masters of Science in Computer Systems and Informatics from the State Engineering University of Armenia.

Q: What is your life philosophy?

Stay positive and always keep pushing forward

Q: How has the Armenian Culture shaped/influenced you?

It has connected me to people I may have never connected to before. I have learned a lot from people that I may have never met otherwise.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being Armenian?

The internationalness of the Armenian culture. You can find an Armenian in every part of the world!

Q: What is your hope for the future?

Change a world. Creating a solution that can make my country and family proud


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