Armenian Women Game Changers: Rosa Linn

Roza Kostandyan, professionally known as Rosa Linn is an Armenian singer/songwriter. She has been writing and singing her own music since she was a child. The fact that she was born and raised in Vanadzor; a small and conservative town in Armenia, made her think that chasing a career in the music industry would be extremely difficult. She never thought she’d be on the list of Armenians who were going to be popular globally one day.

Her first appearance in the music industry was in September 2021, when she got signed by Nvak Collective; Tamar Kaprielian’s program for young musical artists, and released her debut single “KING”; a pop track with elements of synthpop, indie and R&B. The song was a collaboration between Rosa Linn and American electro-pop artist KIIARA. The factor that distinguished the song was that it featured bilingual lyrics, where Rosa Linn was confidently and effortlessly able to mash up the English and Russian languages. The music video was a success, as it has picked up over 517K views on YouTube, while on Spotify it’s enjoying over 1M listens.

Rosa Linn found her way onto the TV screens of millions around Europe in May 2022, when she represented her country at The Eurovision Song Contest. Her Eurovision entry “SNAP”  was written by herself along with Tamar Kaprielian, Larzz Principato, Jeremy Dusoulet, Allie Crystal, and Courtney Harrell. She raised her home country’s name to the top by making it to the finals of the competition. She performed the song once again in the final on the 14th of May and placed 20th.

Her story didn’t end on the stage of Eurovision, on the contrary, her global hit record “SNAP” was the start of a beautiful journey in the field she admired. In August of 2022, Rosa Linn signed a record deal with major US label Columbia. Being involved in music production as well, Rosa Linn was described as “Armenia’s first woman music producer” by FLAUNT magazine.

Being inspired by Sting, Adele, Norah Jones and Coldplay, and from the little girl living in a small village having big dreams and doubting that she can break through difficulties, Rosa Linn is now Armenia’s first female producer with a global hit record, and a global record deal with Columbia Records, in addition to a debut album on the way.

Rosa Linn is a living proof that dreams do come true and that there’s not even a single power in the world that can stop women from achieving their goals however huge they seem to be.

As an Armenian organization made up of women, governed by women, and focused on the interests and needs of women, we wanted to feature Rosa Linn on our blog as a trailblazer highlighting her extraordinary talent and her dedication that made the voice of the little girl living in a small town in Armenia reach global headlines making us all proud.


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