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The Armenian International Women's Association is a global network dedicated to empowering Armenian women everywhere!

Connect with inspiring women, engage with our community, and lead into the future.

AIWA’s mission is to promote and enrich the social, economic and personal advancement of Armenian women worldwide through educational and other community activities that unite Armenian women, promote gender equity, and emphasize our Armenian cultural heritage.

Stop Domestic Violence in Armenia

AIWA has long supported partners in Armenia who are working to end domestic violence and other gender-based violence. As a founding funder of the Women's Support Center (WSC), AIWA's members and donors support urgent services to women (including two emergency shelters with legal, health and employment support,  training for police, social workers and other providers). WSC also advocates for victims, provides Armenia's only national hotline on domestic abuse, conducts public education campaigns, and continues to fight to pass legislation to make domestic abuse illegal. That's right: domestic abuse is NOT YET illegal in Armenia. (If you want to see when the US passed a federal law to outlaw domestic violence, see below. You might be surprised.)

RIGHT NOW IN ARMENIA, legislation to make domestic violence illegal is pending, and the president and prime minister are supportive, as are many legislators. There is noisy opposition and it is essential that leaders in Armenia hear from everyone -- women AND men who support making domestic violence illegal. You can TAKE ACTION by signing this petition to the Prime Minister of Armenia.

Impunity for Domestic Violence in Armenia's 
Criminal Justice System
By Ani Jilozian, for the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women, Yerevan

In July 2016, Tagui Mansuryan and her parents were violently attacked with an axe by Mansuryan's former husband Vladik Martirosyan, who killed her mother and gravely injured her and her father. Prior to the incident, Martirosyan had continually threatened the family and Mansuryan, in turn, had reached out to the police on a number of occasions. However, she was not offered the proper protection, which reflects the absence of a systematic police process for investigating cases, making appropriate referrals, and issuing protection orders, which hinges on a larger issue - the absence of legislation on domestic violence.

Domestic violence (DV) is a critical issue facing women globally, and women in Armenia are not immune from it. A recent nationwide survey found that nearly a quarter and half of ever-partnered women reported to have been subjected to physical and psychological violence by a male intimate partner, respectively; nearly one-fifth of ever-partnered women reported having been prohibited by an intimate partner from getting a job or earning money; and an alarming 7.6% of male respondents reported having forced a woman or girl to engage in sexual intercourse.

The same survey reveals a cultural acceptance of violence against women, with over a third of respondents stating that women should tolerate violence in order to keep their families together, and nearly three quarters reporting their belief that intimate partner violence can be justified. Disturbingly, the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women found that from 2010-2015 at least 30 women were murdered by current or former intimate partners or family members. (Ten more documented cases of femicide have occurred since 2016, though the data is not published.)  READ MORE

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