Storytelling teaches us and is one of the most valuable traditions we continue as people. We are mammals, but we have voice, and so we learn from others in ways animals cannot.

Civic Engagement and Public Service

AIWA Humanitarian Support for Artsakh and Armenia

During this time of humanitarian crisis in Armenia and Artsakh, the Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA) is incredibly proud of our global communities coming…

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Culture and History

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Education and Empowerment

Designing the Human Experience

Mane Mehrabyan
Yerevan Mané likes to call herself a human experience designer since whether it is in designing more human experience in hospitals, playing the accordion...
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Health and Wellness

A Revolution in the Birthing Room

Astrik Vardanyan
Los Angeles When Astrik Vardanyan gave birth to her first son in 1998, the experience she had in a Burbank, CA hospital left her...
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Women and Innovation

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