Storytelling teaches us and is one of the most valuable traditions we continue as people. We are mammals, but we have voice, and so we learn from others in ways animals cannot.
Los Angeles, CA

“I am Woman. I am not to be defined by my gender and the stereotyped box that characterizes me, but by the accomplishments that make me proud.”


“Do not let ourselves and our children lose themselves in a pit of false selfidentity, imposed social framings and norms of society.”


“So I bought a one way ticket to Armenia with no concrete plans. But when I held my hands out Armenia embraced me with open arms.”

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Library of Stories

Stories never get old. We will build a library of stories as they give us timeless lessons.

Stories of the Past

We can no longer hear from them but we can continue to learn from them. Explore the stories of the amazing Armenian women of our history.

Stories of the Future

There are stories yet untold. What would it look like if we tried to write the future?